Saturday, 30 June 2018

Hun Sen Shirtfronted

 Hun Sen visits Phnom Penh Safari where his jungle law & rules are challenged

No-fear-or-favour media report that Hun Sen, virtually flanked by his dozen dirty generals, is shirtfronted by a jungle Champ during his visit to the Phnom Penh Safari. The Champ has told the media that the Hun Sen’s jungle law is so legalistic that he is keen to test its justice.

The said-media do not report outcomes of the Champ’s charge into Hun Sen’s chest. They have been forced to either close or sell off to a with-fear-and-favour media group.

It seems however, Hun Sen has survived the shirtfront. A few days after Safari visit he rants and raves about the jungle challenge, and vows not to react any longer to any provocations even from tiny parties in the 29 July elections.

And on Hun Sen’s order, the Champ is arrested, charged, and jailed; they throw away the key.

Ung Bun Ang

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