Friday, 11 July 2014

Dirty Mirror

“First, you need to use a mirror to look at yourself. Second, you have to take a bath to clean your body. Third, you have to scrub your body while bathing if it is plagued by dirty things. Fourth, you have to heal your disease.”

Hun Sen in an epic six-hour address to his personal interest groups in September 2013

“So whoever in the public who knows about corruption, please come forward.”

CPP Council of Ministers spokesman Phay Siphan, December 2013

Is it safe to assume Hun Sen has been through the four-step procedure for self-cleansing, before the epic six-hour address? He must have; otherwise, his lecture makes no sense.

Three months after complying with the request to use the mirrow, the spokesman of all personal interest groups asks the public to come forward with information on corruption.  They must see in the mirror an impeccable image of a healthy and clean body that requires no intervention. It is effectively a dare issued to the public.

Thus, the ball is now in the public’s court. Only those who hope the entrenched corrupt system does not work the way it should will stick their neck out with the information for those who implies they are already clean.



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