Friday, 11 July 2014

Hysterical Achievement

Hysterical Achievement

“The handing over of the 12 helicopters today is another new historical achievement among other achievements that the Chinese government has done to support Cambodia in an attempt to strengthen the capacity of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces... Even though they [helicopters] are not big… they will help improve the effectiveness of curbing criminal acts that cause disasters and violate our sovereignty or our law.”

Defense Minister Tea Banh at the official handover of the 12 Chinese-built Z-9 military helicopters

Historical achievement? Tea Banh’s perspective on this purchase from China with loan money from China seems a bit hysterical. He may be right, however. After all it takes the government as long as two years to borrow $195.5 million from China to buy the Chinese helicopters. How exciting.

And the flying gun machines arrive just in time for what he calls “curbing criminal acts” after referring to post July 2013 elections.

Well, it is indeed a new historical advancement in their ability to shoot “the criminals” from the sky in addition to the ground level where they have done so well.



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